The nightmare of the offices is shown in the picture: being overwhelmed by mountains of paperwork that must be preserved because it asks the law or because we consider them useful. Too bad then when we need "that" document or "that" information, we need to waste much time looking for it and then maybe we discover that it is not in its place because the colleague (or the boss) forgot to put it back in the right place.

Mucchio Documenti

Thanks to the availability of larger and cheaper storage systems and also the ease of use of the new scanners or multi-function machines, has become much easier to convert the paper document in a file (often in PDF format).

Now that we have our document in electronica format we can (if permitted by law) to throw in the recycling bin all the paper that so much cluttered.

But now that I have an archive of thousands of scanned documents, how can I find "that" file? If we used the default format we will find ourselves with a series of YYYYMMDDHHMMSS type files; or maybe we can store as "quoteprinterjanuary.pdf".

How do we can find all the quotes (or drawings, or any other object that is stored)  sent us by the company X?  Once again we have to look at them one by one in order to find the PDF file what interests us.

Is therefore necessary that each file is identified by a unique code, and that the related information are associated to this code in a structured manner through a database;  so you can track down the needed file by using one or more keywords.